Jesus for President

Jesus for President Litany (for use in worship and vigils) compiled by Shane and Chris with the help of Christian Peacemaker Jim Loney and activist theologian Brian Walsh.  It appears in the book as an appendix, and we will be using it on the tour.  One of our goals is to create a beautiful chorus of political imagination in the church – new songs, new liturgies, new holidays, new heroes and sheroes… so this is a litany ready to be used in worship however you wish! Download Litany Here

Check out this video of the litany, from the Catlayst conference.

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A special thanks to The Stovepipes for the Christ for President tune here. And a special thanks to Woody Guthrie for writing it.

Lea Fulton: vocals/guitar
Max Kmeck: vocals/banjo
Justin Depydt: piano
Paul Johnson: bass
Todd Dorman: drums
Recorded and mixed by: Dave Brenneman